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From 2005 at your service

“The strength of the experience guides the steps along the path that leads to shaping the idea. It is caught at the moment when the human intellect interferes with the project to be able to shape it from the inside.”

The construction studio INSIDE PROJECT is deeply rooted in work experience accumulated over the years.

Currently, the contribution made by its members, together with the extensive network of external collaborators, allows us to offer a complete service in the field of construction and in various building sectors: civilian housing, industrial, commercial, business and office districts.

We are able to provide immediate and original design solutions, exploiting the most modern systems of “doing architecture” and expressing in the project the same intention of the client, with the utmost attention to the contextual implementation and insertion in the area. The most recent possibilities brought by technology and techniques of construction also allow us to offer tailored solutions to meet energy and environmental sustainability standards.

The idea of the projects is realized through the careful development of details, with the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing the different aspects of the design; this premise is fundamental to achieve a real picture of the finished work and a reliable statement of operations and costs.

Our commitment to fulfill the work management and supervision guarantees the highest value on the accomplished project. In fact, we can boast about our participation and contribution in construction works of international fame through the consultancy presented to some of the most important Italian construction companies covering technical and managerial functions on site.

“From the preliminary design and the detail definition to the construction work management and even the technical supervision of the site, “Inside Project” offers its expertise for all projects of all types and sizes.”
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